New York (Do) I (Still) Love You (?)

A native New Yorker contemplates the city that now sleeps.

Grand Central Station- all but emptied out during peak hours. (From Author’s collection 2020).
Boarded up stores in the Bowery to prevent looting. (From Author’s Collection 2020).
Protesters and Police clash in Flushing, Queens (From Author’s Collection 2020).
Charging Bull in Bowling Green, NY. The nexus of American finance- completely deserted. (From Author’s Collection, 2020).
Friends meeting over popular web apps like Zoom. Quarantine forced the digitization of both work and play. (Author’s Collection 2020).
Empty streets in the city that never sleeps. (From author’s collection 2020).

NYC based writer. Focused on topical issues in culture, defense, and politics. Please send all inquiries to

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